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Shield Of Sobriety

Here are two pictures that can be turned into fliers, and/or passed around on your social media accounts. Be sure to let anyone who inquires know, we have groups on both Google Plus and Facebook. Our people need to move forward and join the fight with sober minds, and healthy bodies, in order to use their warrior abilities.

Spread the message of sober living and help our people rise!


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Sacramento Spartan Legal Fee Fundraiser

The Roper Report

A little over a year ago, White patriots in California were attacked by mobs of armed Communists at the state capitol in California during their peaceful assembly there. Some of those men who successfully defended themselves against the attack are now being charged with crimes, for not laying down and dying without a fight.

Because they didn’t run half a block away to fix their hair as their initial reaction to being attacked, a legal defense fund is now necessary to help them out. These men, many of whom are associated GSS, are allies of The ShieldWall Network through the Blood and Honour American Division. That’s all our supporters need to know about the case, at this time.

In order to help, “Warrior’s Pride” has stepped forward, once again.

From the website:

“100% of proceeds is donated. More items may be added, but for now we brought Warriors Pride back…

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Lunar Musings

Lunar Musings
By: PureIntensity aka Deborah Carter

The moon she used to love me.

She would fall over herself, from crescent to crescent,
just to make me smile.

She dragged the oceans,
to and fro,
just so I could breathe.

Us and her spun around each other,
in an endless cosmic dance.

She is the reason we are.
She is the reason we think.
She is the reason we built majestic structures
and began to find our way.

Now the moon she mocks me.

They captured her when she was at her crescent,
and solidified her form.

They placed her up on their twisted shrines,
in a horrifying display.

She has become nothing more than a sickle.

And we are ripe for the harvest.

She has betrayed me.

Betrayed us.

But I still love her…

One day soon, I will enlist good help,
and try to set her free.

Return her to her rightful place,
allowing us to be.

Sacramento Rally Backlash

The Roper Report

As a member of the Confederate 28 coalition, The ShieldWall Network supports our other allies in the Blood and Honour American Division across the nation. With that in mind, we reprint this article as a backgrounder about an upcoming legal defense fundraiser which we will be helping promote and fundraise for.

from Golden State Skinheads

It’s no secret that the modern left-wing way of thinking is ultimately communism; this of course means that their views and motives are polar opposite of ours almost in their entirety. As members of G.S.S., we’ve spent many years fighting the ever-increasing tide of the communist and globalist agendas in the political arena that is destroying our nation at its core. We have made sure to carefully take every step to maintain a consistent legal and professional stance since our first day of inception. As “Skinheads” we have grown accustomed to the law not taking kindly to…

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ShieldWall Network Community Service

The Roper Report

Recently, one of the pro-White billboards near the eastern city limits of Harrison, Arkansas, was vandalized.

The bold yellow and black highway-side sign, which states that “Diversity is a code word for #WHITEGENOCIDE” had Black Lives Matter and other anti-White gang graffiti scrawled on the supporting posts of the billboard by some passing vandal with a spray-can of paint.

In response, two local Harrison affiliates of The ShieldWall Network voluntarily stepped forward and, on their own time and at their own expense, painted over the offensive graffiti once the grass had been cut around the posts of the billboard.

This is yet another community service project brought to you by The ShieldWall Network.

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Women In The Movement

Nationalist Women's Front

“Women In The Movement”

What do you think of when you hear those words? Is it hope, pride, the future? Or is it sadness for lack thereof and thoughts of drama and bickering?
To me, and I’m sure many others it’s alot of both. We are the womb of our future, yet we are our own worst enemy, too. But why? I believe it’s a combination of things starting with Feminism. Feminism was the death of the family unit. Instead of complimenting our counterparts, cultural marxism pushed to make women compete in the name of feminism. That was the begining of the end. Thinking that women shouldn’t have to respect the traditional roles we were born to take part in.

Secondly, since the dawn of “the movement”, whether it is the Skinhead scene or the Nationalist Political Scene, music or activists, there have always been forces fighting against us. Against…

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The ShieldWall Network Joins the Confederate 28 Coalition

The Roper Report

 Announcement from Confederate 28:

We are very pleased to announce that the ShieldWall Network  has joined our Confederation.

Billy Roper has been a longtime friend of ours, and he held a chair on our old Blood and Honour AD National Council. We look forward to collaborating with the ShieldWall Network, and befitting  from the expertise and decades of experience that Billy and other of their members have.


What is The ShieldWall Network?

by Billy RoperWhether you are a member of a patriotic organization, or independent, we invite you to take part in this locally-focused, grassroots endeavor. No membership fees or dues are required, but a commitment is needed. Become a part of a ShieldWall in your area. Think racially, take a stand locally.The ShieldWall began in classical Greek civilization, when the courageous Spartans and other Greek warriors, such as Leonidas and his 300 at Thermopylae, linked their shields together…

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Children’s books with a positive message.

The Roper Report

Cain Andrew Bell: Author of historically honest children’s books.

Whether your children are home-schooled and you are constantly searching for good history teaching tools, or they attend public school and you want to make sure that YOUR values are also represented to them in their reading material, this website offers something long-sought after and much needed. Many have asked for a source for racially conscious children’s books, in particular one like the forthcoming honest assessment of Adolf Hitler. Now, parents and children have an alternate to the politically correct, biased perspective of the anti-White publishing houses.

Some of the subject titles Bell has written deal with the truth about slavery, racial loyalty, and political history, which are already available. Forthcoming titles include an unflinching look at Islam, as well.

As an author, I understand what a monumental undertaking this is, not just the writing, but the artwork, editing, publishing…

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Have you ever read it?

The Roper Report

Every American should take a few minutes, on its 241st anniversary weekend, to actually READ the Declaration of Independence, the document which we are celebrating the signing of. Did our Founding Fathers really mean that all men were created equal? Well, if so, they obviously didn’t consider nonWhites to be ‘men’.

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are…

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